The company is a wholly Nigerian owned conglomerate specialising in the importation, local sourcing, storage, marketing and distribution of petroleum products such as automotive gas oil (AGO), kerosene (DPK), petrol (PMS), gas (LPG), engine oil (lubricants).

Product Importation
Capital Oil & Gas Ind. Ltd enjoys a mutually rewarding relationship with some reputable international companies like Vitol SA, Trafigura Behear BV, Addax, Moco Energy International and others.

Local Sourcing
In order to sustain availability of quality product, the company engages in Bulk Purchase Agreement relationship with NNPC/PPMC and other indigenous companies like Total Nigeria Plc, Wabeco Ltd and Ascon Oil Ltd.

Bulk Sales & Bulk Broking 
As the name implies it entails tank farm marketers selling in large quantities (herein referred as Bulk) to marketers who re-sell again to retailers. It is instructive to note that bulk sales attracts lower rate than the other retail/ industrial sales.
By bulk broking, we mean wherein the whole cargo of the petroleum product (s) is directly sold to a single buyer on Ship-to-Ship (STS) basis with a competitive pricing strategy and delivery terms strictly adhered to.

Storage Facility
Capital Oil & Gas Industries Limited is one of the leading indigenous Trading and Marketing Company in the country established about four years ago at the inception of the deregulation of the downstream sector by the then Obasanjo administration. The Company started with the supply and distribution of petroleum products and had a speedy growth that led to the acquisition and establishment of what is known today as Capital Oil & Gas tank farm at Ibafon, Lagos. The ultra-modern tank farm the best of its kind in the Industry is installed with the state-of-the- art equipment that makes her unique in the industry. With the completion and commissioning of the first phase of the project with an installed capacity of over 40 mln litres of petroleum products capable of taking the three white products viz. AGO, PMS and DPK – Capital Oil & Gas is positioned to be a leader in the Industry.
The facility is equipped with the following:
· A six-arm modern loading gantry with a micro load meters with interlocking system loading pumps and overflow protecting loading arms capable of loading a truck in about 12 minutes
· An installed automatic shut-down system; in case of an emergency
· An automated tank gauge system and safety devices.
· Facilities in the tank farm are fully compliant with international environmental standards for the oil industry.
· Depot protected for safety by Fire Fighting Equipment from Angus Fire of the UK.
· The facility is equipped with fixed monitor positioned around the gantries capable of releasing both water and foam compound for fire fighting.
· It is also equipped with a modern pump house with 6 dispensing pumps and a back loading pump.
· The facility has a water treatment plant.
· Two heavy duty Caterpillar diesel engine fire pumps with a capacity of 4,320 HP (3,222 KWs) and 1 jokey pump of 15 KWs capacity.
· The facility has 1 mln litre capacity hydrant tank and an uninterrupted back up water supply from the lagoon.
· All the tanks and gantry are installed with foam and sprinkler lines with the foam tank back up capacity of about 3,375 litres.
· The facility has 2 transformers and 3 back up generators of 150, 300 and 500 KVA capacities.
· Easy accessibility to the Expressway.

Marketing & Distribution
In order to sustain its position as a major player in the downstream sector and satisfy the yearnings of our teeming and ever increasing customers, the company has in its fleet of over 100 trucks  for regular, effective and efficient product distribution.
The company is actively involved in market penetration and distribution of quality petroleum products. It currently owns and operates 20 Mega Filling Stations in the South east of Nigeria and efforts are on to increase the spread all over the country. All these and other investments are aimed at ensuring product availability and fair pricing regime to the end users all over the federation.


Capital Oil Station Nnewi (Orizu Road)
Capital Oil Station Nnewi (Area Command)
  Capital Oil Station Nnewi (Roundabout)  
Capital Oil Filling Station Onitsha
  MT James (with top black mast)  
  MT Alpha (with top white mast)  
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