Capital Oil & Gas
       Our Depot Services

We can offer the following wide range of services


Our state of the art facility, has an excellent deep water draft and jetty capable of docking 4 mother vessels simultaneously. Products can be discharged into our own tanks or to any of the other 18 depots located in Apapa port, Lagos Nigeria.


We have 16 tanks with a total storage capacity of 200 million litres of petroleum products. The tanks are available for lease either on exclusive basis or shared agreement.

Sale of product

Stock of PMS, AGO and DPK are available on short or long term sales agreements.

Loading Gantry

Our 28 bay truck loading facility can load 55 million litres of petroleum products per day at full capacity.


    Other Services Include :-

Truck park

Our 1,100 space truck park is located just a few kilometres from the depot and can handle over 5,500 vehicles per day on a shift basis. It is the first of its kind in Lagos, Nigeria and comprises amenities such as truck filling station, restaurant, recreation centre, lodging accommodation, banking facilities and offices. Space is available at a very reasonable daily rate.

Transportation & Logistics

We are well positioned to effectively distribute petroleum products across the country with our extensive flet of trucks. All of which are equipped with comprehensive security features and discharging metering facilities. The fleet are available for lease and rental arrangements.

Please contact us if you are interested in any of the above facilities.


Additional storage capacity acquired.

The Commissioning of Capital Oil and Gas' Ultra - Modern 28-Arm Loading Gantry By the Petroleum Minister.

World oil prices volatile due to unrest in North Africa